Game of Thrones Pony Preview

So, Game of Thrones, Season Finale. What’s the deal.

First of all…

Arya’s White Horse Scene Sparked ‘Old Town Road’ Memes

When the youngest Stark daughter came across a lone horse at the end of Sunday’s “Game of Thrones,” fans immediately thought of Lil Nas X’s song.

Some of our favorite tweets on the subject:

Oh, and of course, someone had to make the mashup.

The PonyApp people are big old town road fans, so we found this to be especially entertaining. Yeah, we gonna ride 'til we can't no more.

The Final Episode: Theories about the White Horse

So, with a million storylines to wrap up and only ONE episode left, they give a full 5 minutes at the end of the show to Arya petting a white horse. What could the white horse at the end of last episode mean? The leading theories…

Horse people would notice… Same flowy white forelock, same pink white pony snip. Same horse!! Game of Thrones writers

  • “The horse is Bran” Theory:
    • Since Bran can control animals as the three eyed raven, it's possible he sent the horse to save her, or he is the horse himself… Finally using his Warg-ing powers!

  • “The horse is the little girl Arya tried to save” Theory:
    • Anyone else notice the little white horse figurine the girl was holding…. Hmmmm, makes me wonder...

  • The “It’s Just a Horse” Theory:
    • Maybe the horse doesn’t mean anything at all. Maybe the horse simply exists to allow Arya to safely leave King’s Landing. Maybe the writers just thought the horse looked nice, and wanted to throw the audience for a loop by wasting precious screen time on a horse with zero significance. This is definitely it.

Game of Thrones pony doppelganger

And finally, our Game of Thrones pony doppelganger. That cute white horse at the end looks quite a lot like our U25 Ambassador Eugenio Garza’s swoonworthy horse Armani SL Z!

Peace, we out

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