How-To Schedule with PonyApp Whiteboard

add activity in ponyappselect horses for activities on ponyapp

switch activity from complete in ponyappmake a to do activity in ponyappassign an activity to another user in ponyapp

search for user in ponyappsearch for user on ponyapp and they are not on add an activity in ponyappselect and log an activity in ponyappschedule a future activity in ponyappadd special notes to activities in ponyappspecial notes in activity for ponyappsave your notes and special activities in ponyappponyapp notificationsnotification takes you to calendar on ponyapp schedulelist of upcoming activities on ponyappponyapp pro tip edit future to do activitiescomplete activities in ponyapp whiteboard calendar featureextra notes in a ponyapp pro profile activity history calendar whiteboard feature

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