Lets Be Honest: The #PonyPal Movement

Let's Be Honest: 
The #PonyPal Movement
Written by Caitlin Creel

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Do you ever watch the America’s Got Talent “Golden Buzzer” videos? Okay, I am a major sap, but they make me cry every.single.time. There’s just something so special about these people getting on that big stage, doing what they love in front of thousands of people, and then having so many people celebrating them afterward. It's just so much emotion packed into six minutes!

It made me think, what if the equestrian world looked like that? And not just for the big events, but for the smaller events as well. What if every time our friend jumped a clear round, or even an acquaintance had an awesome round, we just went crazy?! Wouldn’t that be pretty awesome!

I had a taste of this throughout college when I had the opportunity to be on the Auburn University Equestrian Team. Before a rider even made it into the ring we went crazy. It didn’t matter if they scored big or they made some tough mistakes, we went absolutely insane when they left that ring. Some may say it was obnoxious, but to us on the team, it was all about showing our support! We knew all the hours that went into that ride, good or bad, we knew how much our teammate cared, not only about her performance but how much she cared about the entire team. So, why not celebrate that? Why not lift them up to feel special and important even if the result wanted to tell them otherwise.
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I think so often we get caught up in the world of competition. We worry about who is jumping what class and what you have to do to win this or that. But at the end of the day, if you have little to no support team and are missing people to celebrate your success with, is it worth it?

How beautiful would our little world be if we just genuinely wanted the best for everyone? Now, I know you may be reading this thinking about the girl from Mean Girls who just wants everyone to make a cake of butterflies and rainbows. But, I’m being serious. We are all a community of horse loving enthusiasts who work extremely hard regardless of our age, division, or “status.” Let’s build each other up and create a community filled with so much love and admiration for each other that everyone wants to be a part of it!

Let’s call it the #PonyPal movement. How do you show your #PonyPal support?! Did you know that you can now follow all your friends, their horses, AND show them some #PonyPal love by giving apples, or “liking,” their posts? Go check it out on The PonyApp!

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