Super Groom Lauren Roberts

Super Groom Lauren Roberts

Written by Caitlin Creel

Working for the likes of Ellen Whitaker, Jane Richard Phillips, and now a key member of Rodrigo Pessoa’s team at Amethyst Equestrian, super groom, Lauren Roberts, knows just what she is doing and how to do it well!

This week, she took time out of her busy schedule to give us all of her top tips and tricks for giving your pony the best care possible! 


My Philosophy

Always stay positive! I treat people how I want to be treated and always keep an open mind. No one wants to work with someone who is miserable! Also, always be prepared!! The list of horses going to the show can always change. I always have my horses trimmed up and ready to go to a show!


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Grooming Tips

Grey Horses- Keep them clipped and wash stains everyday! I love to use Quick Silver!

Extra shiny horses - Curry comb and elbow grease. Plenty of elbow grease!

Keep it consistent- Try not to change your system. Have the same system at shows as you would at home because they get to learn the routine themselves and it’s best to keep it consistent for them! 

Favorite Therapies:

Bemer Blanket - Increases blood flow around the body. I find it’s super for the horses that get stressed! They will normally wear it before competitions.

Omega Cold Laser - My family has had one in our stable for 10 years! We have 15 horses year round and never have we had a vet out other than for vaccinations, etc. It breaks down scar tissue, reduces swelling, promotes blood flow and gives natural pain relief.

Treadmill - I like that they walk in a straight line, where as on a walker, they are always on a bend. You can incline them so they can do uphill work and the majority of horses will drop their head when walking to stretch over their back

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Favorite Products:

Equifit Blanket Bib - Reduces pressure around chest and shoulders from blankets and prevents buckles digging in.

TRM Gastrofos - Great for the horses stomachs which is key in maintaining a healthy digestive system. All of our horses are fed this daily and they eat every scrap!! 

ARNICA, ARNICA, ARNICA!! - I use the arnica from Biofarmab horsecare. I will sometimes use daily depending on the horse but majority of the time always after competing. To avoid stiff or sore muscles . Areas: back, legs, shoulders or hocks

Dyon -  I love all their products for show set up as they look smart and are all made of quality material that last!! I especially love the bridles. Which fit well and love having the wider nose bands for the horses with rather larger heads.....e.g Quality FZ

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