Posting Public Activities

Feature Spotlight:

Posting Public Activities

After you’ve created your horse’s account on PonyApp, (Re-read the tutorial here.) you can start building his or her public profile by adding activities that you want your PonyApp followers to see. Learn how to upload your first activity, get new followers, and get apples from your friends! 

Step One:

Tap the center menu (+) button and select “Activity”

Step Two:

Select the horse you want to add the Activity to

Step Three:

Select the activity to be “Public”

PonyApp ProTip: When you select an activity to be “Public” it will automatically go into current followers or new followers “Spotlight Feed”. 

Step Four:

Select the completed Activity

Step Five:

Add a Description for you Activity

PonyApp ProTip: When you add a Description to your Activity it will be included as a caption when it is seen on the Spotlight Feed. 

Step Six:

Add a Photo or Video for your Activity, then Save! 

PonyApp ProTip: Once your Activity is saved you will be able to receive Apples, or “Likes”, from all of your followers!


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