Meet the Squad: The Riders of the 2019 IHSA Metropolitan Equitation Invitational


Meet the Squad:
The Riders of the 2019 IHSA Metropolitan Equitation Invitational

Presented by: The Longines Masters New York

Nina Fedrizzi

The Longines Masters series is known for pushing the envelope, be it showcasing live music and world-class entertainment, or stoking the fires of its New World vs. Old World Riders Masters Cup format (USA! USA! USA!). This month at the Longines Masters of New York, a new equitation showcase is just the latest event in the lineup to bridge two worlds: international show jumping and the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). 

On Friday, April 26, the IHSA Metropolitan Equitation Invitational will feature 25, Open level college riders from Zones 1, 2, and 3 in a 0.85m over fences competition. Judged by international showjumper Brianne Goutal-Marteau, the top 12 riders will return for a flat, work-off round. As is always the case in IHSA competition, the riders will be competing on randomly drawn horses, with only 20-30 minutes to warm-up and get to know their mounts before the class begins.

The 25 participants are also helping to spread the word about the Longines Masters of New York in their own colleges and communities, and you can help! Below, you'll find bios for each of the 2019 IHSA competitors, along with links to their individual ticket sites.

Come cheer on your favorite riders this month in the IHSA Metropolitan Equitation Invitational at the Longines Masters of New York—we'll see you there!

Left: Lizzy Traband of Pennsylvania State University. (c) Shawn McMillan

Abby Staskel

  • Hometown: Doylestown, PA 
  • Year/School: Senior, Drew University
  • Major: Biology
  • Fun Fact: The Team Captain for Drew University, Abby has successfully braved/survived a George Morris clinic.
  • Abby's Ticket Link
Abby Staskel IHSA
Alicia Weismann

Alicia Weismann

  • Hometown: Southhampton, NJ
  • Year/School: Sophomore, Rider University 
  • Major: Marketing
  • Fun Fact: Alicia has been a working student for Joy Kloss of Fox Hunt Farm; classic rock is her favorite music genre.
  • Alicia's Ticket Link

Arielle LoGiudice

  • Hometown: Manalapan, NJ
  • Year/School: Freshman, Centenary University
  • Major: Equine Studies
  • Fun Fact: Arielle has her own miniature horse named Sprinkles.
  • Arielle's Ticket Link
Blake Portmann

Blake Portmann

  • Hometown: Little Silver, NJ
  • Year/School: Senior, Marist College
  • Major: Media Studies 
  • Fun Fact: Blake competed in her first horse show with a broken arm (ouch!).
  • Blake's Ticket Link

Caitlin Doocy

  • Hometown: Colchester, CT
  • Year/School: Senior, St. Lawrence University
  • Major: Psychology and Economics
  • Fun Fact: A veteran captain of the St. Lawrence team, Caitlin studied abroad in Kenya.
  • Caitlin's Ticket Link
Caitlin Doocy
Cariann Johnson

Cariann Johnson

  • Hometown: Kinnelon, NJ
  • Year/School: Senior, Sacred Heart University
  • Major: Mathematics 
  • Fun Fact: Cariann, a triplet, plans to pursue a master's degree in secondary education.
  • Cariann's Ticket Link

Erica Heffernan

  • Hometown: Wellesley, MA
  • Year/School: Senior, Trinity College
  • Major: Sociology
  • Fun Fact: Erica is Trinity College's team captain. She's received faculty honors three times and is currently writing her senior thesis on the opioid epidemic.
  • Erica's Ticket Link
Erica Heffernan
Francisco Caba Guil

Francisco Caba Guil

  • Hometown:  Almeria, Spain
  • Year/School: Senior, Emory & Henry College 
  • Major: Business Management 
  • Fun Fact: Francisco has competed up to the CSI3* level in Spain but didn't speak English until he began college in the States.
  • Francisco's Ticket Link

Grace Jackson 

  • Hometown: Marion, MA
  • Year/School: Freshman, St. Lawrence University
  • Major: Undecided 
  • Fun Fact: Grace is currently focusing on Psychology and Environmental Studies; her favorite animal is the sloth.
  • Grace's Ticket Link
Grace Jackson
Hadley Benneyan

Hadley Benneyan

  • Hometown: Sussex, NJ
  • Year/School: Senior, Skidmore College 
  • Major: Business and Management/ Economics 
  • Fun Fact: Hadley has been a working student for Stal Joppen, David Tromp Show Stables, and Top Call Farm, and once drove the entirety of Route 66!
  • Hadley's Ticket Link

Hannah Tuckner 

  • Hometown: Pound Ridge, NY
  • Year/School: Senior, Skidmore College
  • Major: Human Health and Physiology  
  • Fun Fact: In addition to riding, Hannah loves to do the trapeze.
  • Hannah's Ticket Link
Hannah Tucker
Irene Powlick

Irene Elise Powlick

  • Hometown:  Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Year/School: Freshman, Goucher College 
  • Major: Biology and Sociology 
  • Fun Fact: Irene has worked for The Plaid Horse Magazine for more than five years, covering shows all over the world, including World Cup Finals in Omaha and LGCT Paris!
  • Irene's Ticket Link

Jennifer DePietro 

  • Hometown: Atkinson, NH
  • Year/School: Sophomore, Johnson and Wales University
  • Major: Business Administration 
  • Fun Fact: Jennifer hopes to one day work in marketing or management for an equestrian-related business such as Dover Saddlery or Smartpak.
  • Jennifer's Ticket Link
Jennifer DePiertro
Lizzy Traband

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Traband

  • Hometown:  Centre Hall, PA
  • Year/School: Junior, Pennsylvania State University 
  • Major: Finance 
  • Fun Fact: Born into the family business on her parents' hunter/jumper farm, Lizzy traveled with “The Night of Amazing Horses” all over the country doing trick riding and bridleless exhibitions. She even performed at the 2010 World Equestrian Games!
  • Lizzy's Ticket Link

Madison Myro 

  • Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
  • Year/School:  Freshman, Centenary University
  • Major: Equine Studies 
  • Fun Fact: Madison began riding at the age of four and has competed up to the 1.40m level. She hopes to one day have a career in the horse industry.
  • Madison's Ticket Link
Madison Myro
Maeve Foley

Maeve Foley

  • Hometown:  Shrewsbury, MA
  • Year/School: Senior, Skidmore College 
  • Major: Business Management 
  • Fun Fact: Maeve broke her back in 2012 and doctors weren't sure she would ride again (thankfully, they were wrong!).
  • Maeve's Ticket Link

Merle Beach 

  • Hometown: Vergennes, VT
  • Year/School:  Junior, St. Lawrence University
  • Major: Economics and Business 
  • Fun Fact: Merle visited 16 countries in 2018, alone!
  • Merle's Ticket Link
Merle Beach
Mia Fellin

Mia Fellin

  • Hometown:  Hopewell Junction, NY
  • Year/School: Junior, Marist College 
  • Major:  Biology 
  • Fun Fact: The Marist team captain since her freshman year, Mia is a certified EMT and volunteers at several horse shows; she aspires to become a Physician's Assistant.
  • Mia's Ticket Link

Michael Andrade 

  • Hometown: Poughquag, NY
  • Year/School: Senior, Centenary University
  • Major: Equine Business Management  
  • Fun Fact: Michael took 1st place at IHSA Nationals in Individual Open Over Fences in 2018 and loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Michael's Ticket Link
Michael Andrade
Michael Golinowski

Michael Golinowski

  • Hometown:  Burke, VA
  • Year/School: Freshman, Bridgewater College 
  • Major:  Business Administration 
  • Fun Fact: Michael is the only equestrian in his family and also plays the French horn.
  • Michael's Ticket Link

Olivia van der Meer 

  • Hometown: Medway, MA
  • Year/School: Senior, University of Massachusettes—Dartmouth
  • Major: Operations Management  
  • Fun Fact: Olivia is part of the 4th generation of family riders at Saddle Rowe Farm in Medway, Massachusetts.
  • Olivia's Ticket Link
Olivia van der Meer
Samantha Johnson

Samantha Johnson

  • Hometown: Princeton, NJ
  • Year/School: Freshman, Washington and Lee University 
  • Major:  Math and Economics 
  • Fun Fact: Samantha has competed at LGCT Miami Beach and went cage diving with great white sharks in South Africa.
  • Samantha's Ticket Link

Samantha Leuci 

  • Hometown: Queensbury, NY
  • Year/School: Junior, Centenary University
  • Major: Equine Business Management 
  • Fun Fact: Samantha's favorite animal is the orca.
  • Samantha's Ticket Link
Samantha Leuci
Sarah Levi

Sarah Levi

  • Hometown: Franklin Lakes, NJ
  • Year/School: Junior, Marist College
  • Major:  Sarah and her first pony, Mojo, have both embarked on new chapters working with children with special needs: Mojo in his retirement at a therapeutic riding center, and Sarah in her quest to become a special education teacher.
  • Sarah's Ticket Link

Thea Chafee 

  • Hometown: East Greenwich, RI
  • Year/School: Junior, Colgate University
  • Major:  Psychology 
  • Fun Fact: Thea's sister, Louisa Chafee, is a competitive sailor and competed in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
  • Thea's Ticket Link
Thea Chafee
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