Ask the Shipper: “Help! I’m Shipping My Senior Horse Long Distance”

In our new series, we're tapping the experts in horse transportation to get the answers to your real-life shipping questions. Here, Brook Ledge Horse Transportation's Andrea Gotwals Boone weighs-in. 
"I'm shipping my senior horse (18 years old) across the country next month for the first time and I'm worried how he'll handle the trip. What should I do to make sure he's healthy and prepared for his journey?"

-Ashley K. Chattanooga, TN

(c) Rick Samuels Photo/Brook Ledge Horse Transportation

A: Great question, Ashley! First things first: it’s important to consider your horse’s overall health. If he is generally healthy, with no issues, a long-distance trek will probably not be very difficult for him.

At Brook Ledge, we’ve shipped 25+-year-old horses and they’ve done great—provided they’re shipping in a box stall. If you’re looking at different options for your horse’s journey, shipping in a box stall, as opposed to a stall and ½, is probably the way to go. Horses shipped in box stalls arrive fresher and are less inclined to have any health issues related to shipping (for more information on the difference between the two options, click here).



In addition, you should always check-in with your veterinarian and discuss the things you can do in advance in order to prepare your horse. Sometimes, your vet can even step in to offer some additional support—coming out to pre-hydrate your horse a few days in advance, for instance, if he doesn’t tend to drink well. You can also discuss over-the-counter treatments, such as adding QUENCH electrolytes to your horse’s feed or water before he leaves in order to encourage drinking.

Don’t worry: most of the time, trips like these are far harder on the owners than they are on your horse!

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