Brook Ledge Horse Transportation Has the Know-How to Get You Where You’re Going

No matter what your transportation needs, Brook Ledge will get you and your horses where you’re going quickly, safety, and efficiently. During their more than 55 years in operation, Brook Ledge has established its reputation for attention to detail, and it’s that same attention to detail that their customers have come to expect every day—whether utilizing the company’s overland travel, domestic flight services, or international flight coordination through their wholly owned subsidiary, Horse America.

(c) Brook Ledge Horse Transportation 

From famous show and racehorses, to pasture puffs and faithful steeds, Brook Ledge understands that whether your horse is a companion animal or a future champion, all are equally important in the eyes of their owners. That’s why they treat each horse and pony with the highest level of care and attention, beginning with the hiring of their trusted and experienced staff.

Brook Ledge employees come from a wide range of backgrounds, from trainers, farriers, and competitive riders, to grooms, horse farm managers, and professional horse haulers that have worked for other companies or owned their own. The bottom line: all have extensive horse handling experience prior to their employment as a transporter with Brook Ledge.

(c) Brook Ledge Horse Transportation

What’s more, Brook Ledge’s extensive transportation fleet enables them to provide safe, timely shipping for your horses throughout the lower 48 states and Canada, with delivery methods that are tried and true. With a tradition for the safest, quietest, and most comfortable transportation available, no horse spends any more time on their trucks than is absolutely necessary.

In short, Brook Ledge has become a trusted brand from north to south, and coast to coast, with a first-class reputation among horsemen that is truly unparalleled.

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