CWD Sellier: This Global Brand Maintains a Local Saddlery’s Sensibility

There is a reason why so many of the world’s top riders choose CWD Sellier saddles. From start to finish, research and development to leather tanning and production, CWD’s focus on innovation and performance for the modern rider is at the forefront of everything they do.

With rider devotees including the likes of Harrie Smolders, Kent Farrington, McLain Ward, and Lorenzo DeLuca, CWD is certainly doing something right. And it’s this relationship with the world’s best that enables CWD to constantly adapt to the ever-changing needs of top sport.

Courtesy of CWD Sellier.

“For new products, our ideas almost always come from professional riders wanting something more advanced for their top performance and the comfort of their horses,” explains CWD Sellier Marketing Coordinator Carole David.

“We work with them to develop it, and if it seems like something that could benefit more horses and be integrated as part of our product line, we happily [create that so] all our CWD clients can benefit from it.” 

(c) CWD Sellier

In 2003, the French saddle maker expanded into the North American market during the World Cup Final of Las Vegas and hasn’t looked back since—offering not just top of the line saddles for a range of disciplines (hunter/jumper, dressage, and cross country) but bridles, boots, training aids, girths, vaulting equipment, and more.

Yet despite their impressive international success, CWD maintains a firm grasp on almost every aspect of their production. “We produce in our workshop 100 percent of our leather goods, tack, and saddles—we don’t subcontract,” says Carole. “The same [goes] for our leather, and that gives us much more flexibility to adjust, improve, design, and redesign our products. 

“We are the only [saddle] brand that has a research and development team and budget. We’ve spent close to $4 million on tree development and research on panel shapes and materials.” In addition, Carole says the brand has invested $1 million on leather research in order to meet their goal of eliminating chromium sulphates (a less environmentally friendly method of leather tanning) in 100 percent of their saddle leather production.

(c) CWD Sellier

CWD Sellier also employs a full-time Rider’s Manager, Simon Knops, who travels around the world, working closely with the brand’s sponsored World Cup Winners, Olympic veterans, and other riders to make sure their requirements are met and their equipment stays in working order. “When our riders have needs, we can meet them,” says Carole. 

“That [one-on-one] human factor, combined with our fully integrated production capacity and our in-house research department, sets us apart and improves the happiness and performance of our riders around the world.”

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