Go Anywhere (Literally) With a Brook Ledge Travel Voucher

Horse show season can be expensive, and for many of us, that headache starts with our first, big long haul of the season down to winter circuits in Florida, California, and beyond. So what could be better than taking the sting out of your inaugural off-farm venture of the season with a BIG discount from one of the most experienced and top-rated shippers in North America? 

 (c) Brook Ledge Horse Transporation

Brook Ledge Horse Transportation's extensive fleet allows them to provide timely shipping for your horses throughout the lower 48 states and beyond, with delivery methods that are tried and true. With a tradition for the safest, quietest, and most comfortable transportation on the road today, no horse spends any more time on their trucks than is absolutely necessary.

Enter to win the Brook Ledge Travel Voucher and you could walk away with $500 towards your next commercial shipping expense anywhere in the continental U.S. Just think... half of your Florida shipping bill could already be taken care of by the time you land on the show grounds!

Clockwise from left: Brook Ledge scrim, puffer jacket and pullover shirt. 

What's more, Brook Ledge is also throwing in some extra-special prizes for good measure: a Brook Ledge saddle pad (perfect for hacking days), a super cool pullover shirt and puffer jacket (ideal for breezy, winter horse show mornings), and an elegant Brook Ledge scrim to make sure you and your partner are dressed and show ring-ready for 2019!

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