October 15: The PonyWorld Weekly

Quote of the Week

“Good coaches are psychologists—they have the ability to say the right thing at the right time.”

Wise words from Australian eventer Andrew Hoy, 59, who recently finished fourth in the World Equestrian Games on Vassily De Lassos. It was Hoy's coach, Captain Mark Phillips, who ultimately shared some winning words with him just before the cross country in Tryon last month.  

Brian Moggre Goes the Distance in Harrisburg 

Brian Moggre (c) Allyson Lagiovane/Phelps Sports

What Happened?

Sometimes, you just have to pull out all the stops, and for 17-year-old Brian Moggre of Flower Mound, Texas, those “stops” just earned him the Dover Saddlery/U.S. Hunter Seat Medal at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show. 

Tell Me More

After Round 1, Moggre found himself in third place out of a field of 241. After Round 2, he was in pole position on top of the remaining 25, in strong contention for the win (not to mention a serious case of butterflies). Riding Don Stewart’s Efendi, Moggre and six other riders were invited to return for the challenging work-off, which included two changes of lead in a line, a halt, two counter canter fences, and a hand gallop to the final oxer (you can watch Brian's test below). Moggre won the day, with Alexandra Worthington in second place, and Coco Fath in third. 

Alexandra Worthington and Coco Fath (c) Allyson Lagiovane/Phelps Sports

PonyApp Take

Keep your eye on this guy! Already an established grand prix rider at the national level, Moggre is relatively new to the Big Eq world, where he’s been competing for the last three years... and clearly making up for lost time. In Harrisburg, Moggre earned his first major win by fully embracing the work-off, opting for two flying changes to the counter canter around the ends of the ring (other riders made simple changes). According to judge Geoff Teall, that kind of grit was a testament unto itself. “Brian, I don’t know where you found the nerve to say, Now I’m just going to do it harder than everyone else even though I’m winning by a hundred miles,’” Teall joked after the class.

If You Can Only Watch One Round… 

Watch Moggre & Efendi Work the Work-Off in Harrisburg

Hand gallop to the final jump? Check. Flying changes on the corner? No problem. Brian Moggre put on a master class this weekend in the Dover Saddlery/U.S. Hunter Seat Medal at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show. If you weren't there to watch in person, you can and should catch up here. 

This Just In 

The George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Session is on hold ‘til 2020. 

The 2019 George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Session has been postponed until 2020. According to US Equestrian, “The postponement of the training session will allow US Equestrian to better align with and support the pathway programs for up-and-coming jumping talent within US Equestrian’s Development Program and the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) Emerging Jumper Rider Program.” You can read the full release here.

The Week’s Big Drama 

Taking Charge of the Adult Ammie Shame Spiral

Whether forgetting your course, pulling when you should be legging on, or missing your distance yet again, most adult amateurs know what it’s like to feel like we’re letting our horses down. But should we? Lauren Maudlin explains why it’s okay to give yourself a break. 

Pony Social

Clooney Needs a 'Do Not Disturb' Sign

There are few horses that fly around the ring with the scope and grace of Martin Fuchs’ top horse, Clooney, with whom he finished second individually last month at the World Equestrian Games. This week, however, Clooney made it clear that from time to time, he wakes up on the wrong side of the stall, just like the rest of us. (It’s okay Clooney, we still love you more.)


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