Welcome to Miami: Everything You Need to Know About Parlanti's Classic Tall Boot

Of all the tall boots on the market today, perhaps no model has come to define modern equestrian footwear better than the Parlanti Miami Field Boot ($1,050.00). Stroll into any major show ring around the country and you’ll find they’re the first choice of top pros, amateurs, and juniors alike, and it’s not hard to see why.

Pairing form with function, the Miami Classic Field Boot’s premium leather calfskin design—part of Parlanti’s wildly popular, ready to wear Passion line—offers a host of innovative perks. Among them: an enhanced zipper and spur-rest that’s up to 99 percent more durable, a bi-flex sole to allow for greater freedom of movement and shock absorption (especially when putting your heels down), a more forgiving elastic panel in the calf for improved comfort, and foot bed technology that conforms to the wearer’s foot in the same way that a memory foam bed conforms to the body (yep, it’s that comfortable). 

And, like all Parlanti models, the Miami Classic Field Boot is designed to fit like a second skin—meaning when you slip on a pair, you’re not only feeling the horse beneath you, you’re sporting one of the most figure-flattering boots available.

Who wouldn’t be excited about that?

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