Welcome to the Future: FreeJump Soft’Up Stirrups Do it All

The next time you’re riding, stop for a moment to look down (we won’t tell your trainer). If your heavy, iron stirrups look much the same way as they might have 10, 20, or even 50 years ago, it might be time to consider a change. And if you’ve come to that conclusion on your own, look no further than next-generation stirrup entrepreneur, FreeJump.

The Soft'Up Classic Stirrup in silver. (c) FreeJump

For more than a decade, FreeJump has been working to create products that go above and beyond, and their newest Soft’Up Classic Stirrup ($318) model is in a class all its own. Specially designed for women (in collaboration with none other than Pénélope Leprevost and the famous Italian design company, Pininfarina), these single-branch stirrups are built with an extra-wide carbon tread and a spring steel branch, helping to alleviate pressure points in the rider’s legs and the horse’s back while absorbing three times more shock than traditional stirrups.

Classic Wide Leathers (c) FreeJump

What’s more, FreeJump has always prioritized safety, and the Soft’Up Classic’s flexible outer branch is designed, like all the brand’s models, to free the foot in case of emergency. The Soft’Up Classic silver stirrup is hunter-ring approved, and when paired with FreeJump’s nylon-lined vegetal Classic Wide Leathers ($182), offers improved comfort and stability. You can store both inside FreeJump’s ergonomic Stirrup Pockets ($29), which protect your Soft’Ups as well as your saddle while traveling on the road or hurriedly stacking your tack at shows—because we’ve all been there!

Spur'One Hammer spurs. (c) FreeJump

FreeJump may have been the first to reimagine the traditional stirrup “iron”, but they haven’t stopped there. The brand’s popular spur line also keeps the focus on cutting-edge materials, adopting a carbon fiber body in their Spur’One Hammer ($86) spurs, which are not only light and comfortable, but can be easily adjusted on your boots. Once on, FreeJump spurs provide improved articulation, meaning you, the rider, will enjoy a whole new kind of precision in the spur’s position against your horse’s sides.

The bottom line: if you’ve been thinking it might be time to move your riding equipment game into the 21st century, look no further than FreeJump!

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