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March 18

The PonyWorld Weekly

By Nina Fedrizzi

Simon Delestre & Hermès Ryan are named for Hermès, sponsored by Hermès, and winners at Hermès; we christen #Henrika, the von Eckermann/Sprunger power-couple hashtag you've been waiting for; what you need to know about conditioning your horse for the show ring, and more—all this week in the #PonyWorld! 

Quote of the Week

I’m a farmer boy, and I still managed to get there anyway.

-Sweden’s Henrik von Eckermann sat down with new fiancé Janika Sprunger to talk Mary Lou, getting married, and making it in the sport. The couple will hereafter be known as ‘Henrika.’ It's happening.

Simon Delestre & Hermès Ryan. Photo © Erin Gilmore/World of Show Jumping

All Hermès Everything

The Story - This weekend, France’s Simon Delestre & Hermès Ryan took home their second consecutive CSI5* victory at Paris’s Grand Palais. The pair is sponsored by Hermès, named after Hermès, and won the Grand Prix of Hermès at the Saut Hermès horse show. Chalk that one up as a win for the marketing department.

Here's Hoping They Look Good in Orange - They do. Saut Hermès—which takes place under the famed, green glass vault of the Beaux-Arts masterpiece that is the Grand Palais—is known for being highly photogenic. And for bringing out the big guns. World #1 Steve Guerdat (SWI) was there with Alamo, along with Christian Ahlmann (GER), Eduardo Alvarez Aznar (ESP) and Edwina Tops-Alexander (AUS) on California. All finished in the top five after the jump-off, but in the end, it was all about Simon & Ryan.

Left and Below: Simon Delestre & Hermès Ryan. Photos © Erin Gilmore and  Jenny Abrahamsson for World of Show Jumping

PonyApp Take - As a pair, Simon Delestre & Hermès Ryan are easy to root for—and especially on their home turf in Paris, France. Delestre and the 14-year-old Selle Français have been together since 2012, and Simon co-owns and produced Ryan himself. The chestnut gelding may be short on stature, but he’s big on heart, and he needed to be to take on the Grand Prix of Hermès towering, 1.60m-track (watch below). This is the second big win of the year for the pair, who also took home the CSI5* Grand Prix in Amsterdam. "I don’t know that I’ll have a horse like him again,” Delestre has said.

-Delestre & Ryan after the Amsterdam CSI5* Grand Prix © Jenny Abrahamsson/World of Show Jumping
Delestre & Ryan after the Amsterdam CSI5* Grand Prix. Photo © Jenny Abrahamsson/World of Show Jumping
Henrik & Mary Lou Earn Top Marks All Around at Den Bosch

If You Can Only Watch One Round…

Watch Simon & Ryan Turn and Burn in the Grand Palais

You don’t have to know that ‘no guts, no glory’ is Simon Delestre’s life motto to know that ‘no guts, no glory’ is Simon Delestre’s life motto—you just have to watch this video of his jump-off in the 2019 Grand Prix of Hermès and you’ll understand. And when it comes to his slice at the giant Hermès wall, all we have to say is, Oh. Mon. Dieu. Watch here!

This Just In…

Peter Moloney Takes Over the Reins of Chianti’s Champion

Ireland continues to stack its deck with some serious horsepower, and the latest acquisition is none other that Frank Schuttert’s (NED) Chianti’s Champion. The talented 11-year-old stallion will move to Cian O’Connor’s stable, where he’ll be ridden by Cian’s student, Peter Moloney. Chianti’s Champion will join Lorenzo de Luca’s (ITA) former mount, Irenice Horta, now ridden by O’Connor; and Christian Kukuk’s (GER) former stallion, Lukas 1054, now under Denis Lynch.

(c) Jenny Abrahamsson/World of Show Jumping
Horses are the best therapy

Partner Pro-Tips

Are You Really Conditioning Your Horse Properly for the Show Ring?

When it comes to one important aspect of fitness—the cardiovascular health of our horses—most of us are only guessing at what’s really going on. Even if you’re working on your horse’s conditioning at home in preparation for competition, you might not be doing enough. Enter Hylofit: a heart rate monitor and app system for the horse and rider.

Pony Social

The Riders Masters Cup Is Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple 

Three international Riders Masters Cups. Three big wins for #TeamEurope. If you're ready for a home town victory (and we know you're ready for a hometown victory) you won't have to wait long. The New World/Old World showdown for the ages arrives at the New York Masters next month (April 27, 2019). Here's how it will all go down.

(c) Riders Masters Cup/EEM
Nayal Nassar & Lucifer V

Results Spotlight

Great American $1 Million Grand Prix at HITS Ocala (Ocala, Florida)

That makes three, $1 million-dollar wins for Egypt's Nayel Nassar! 

  1. Nayel Nassar (EGY) / Lucifer V/ $350,000
  2. Paul O'Shea (IRL) / Imerald Van't Voorhof/ $$200,000
  3. Darragh Kenny (IRL) / Important de Muze / $120,000
  4. Hillary Scott (AUS) /  Oaks Milky Way / $100,000
  5. Karen Polle (JPN) / With Wings / $75,000
  6. Scott Keach (AUS) / Born To Be Picobello Z / $40,000
  7. Santiago Lambre (MEX) / Ibabco / $30,000
  8. Mathis Schwentker (GER)/ NKH Carrido / $20,000
  9. Brian Moggre (USA) / MTM Vivre le Reve / $15,000
  10. Andre Thieme (GER) / Artino 13 / $10,000 

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