Boots So Shiny You’ll Be Able To See Your Reflection

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a barn rat, or in the competition ring on the reg… we all know that riding boots are expensive and tend to give up on us just when we need them the most! To deter the inevitable, we have put together a list to keep your boots shiny and looking fresh for every ride! Unless it’s raining, of course.

1. Before polishing your boots, you should first clean them with a proper leather cleaner or conditioner. We recommend you use boot specific cleaners and conditioners. NEVER use household cleaning products on your boots as it could really damage the leather.

2. After cleaning, allow your boots to thoroughly dry before applying any polish. When cleaning and polishing your boots, the number one rule for optimum results is TIME!

3. Pick your favorite polish, and apply it to all parts of your boot EXCEPT for the inside of the boot where your leg touches the horse’s side. Then again, allow the polish to fully dry on the boot. *Do your research on boot polish before finding your favorite! Some are better than others and you really want those bad boys to last!*

shiny boots
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4. Once dry, take either a boot brush or a towel and buff out your boots! If using a boot brush, it is best to do short quick strokes vertically on your boots. If using a towel, hold each side of the towel firmly as you swiftly rub the towel back and forth over your boots.

5. For additional shine, use a quick shine sponge or a sheepskin grooming mitt for that extra sparkle before jumping on to ride!

Bonus Tip: The better care you take of your boots, the more they will shine!

In need of some new boots? Check out some of our faves at Parlanti!

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