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FEI Show Jumping 101: What the Star Ratings Actually Mean

Jumping a Grand Prix is a big deal! But did you know that some Grand Prix classes are an even bigger deal? Literally. When jumping an FEI sanctioned event, there are specific star (*) classifications given to designate both the height of the jumps and total prize money offered over the course of the week.

The bigger the “star” (*) rating, the bigger the jumps, the bigger the cash prize!

5* Grand Prix Rider Laura Kraut at the Palm Beach Masters Series ©Kathy Russel Photography

PonyApp’s FEI Grand Prix breakdown:

Two Star ( 2*)

Height: Up to 1.45m

Money: CHF 50,000–149,000 (1 CHF = $1.03)

Three Star ( 3*)

Height: Up to 1.50m

Money: CHF 150,000 to 249,999 (1 CHF = $1.03)

Four Star ( 4*)

Height: Up to 1.60m

Money: CHF 250,000 to 499,999 (1 CHF = $1.03)

Five Star ( 5*)

Height: 1.60m+

Money: CHF 500,000+ (1 CHF = $1.03)

Check out the top Longines FEI Rankings for the best horses and riders in the world based on their results at the highest level of Show Jumping.

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Featured Image: © Four Oaks Creative

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