Claire McKean

Q: "What is your favorite part about the horse world?"

Claire: "We are able to live an extraordinary lifestyle while spending everyday with the animals we love and some of our best friends.

Q: "What is your favorite horse show of all time?"

Claire: "My favorite horse show that I've competed at so far would have to be Dinard. The atmosphere is incredible and the location is beyond stunning.

Q: "If you could win any Grand Prix in the world which one would you win? "

Claire: "I feel like anyone would be extraordinarily pleased with winning any of the Rolex grand slam grand prixs. They're the most prestigious in our sport.

Q: "How do you stay in shape for the show ring?"

Claire: "I try to work out on my own as well as ride as much as my schedule allows for.

Q: "How many horses do you typically ride per day?"

Claire: "I ride 5 horses a day.”

Q: "What comes easiest to you with riding?"

Claire: "The passion for the sport.

Q: "How do you unwind and reset after a bad week?"

Claire: "I try to do things that make me happy and relaxed after a bad week. Mostly involves just hanging out with my friends and family.

Q: "If you could trade lives for the day with anyone else in the PonyClub, who would it be and why? "

Claire: "Carlos. He lives the dream.

Q: "What motivates you on a day to day basis?"

Claire: "My horses. I wake up everyday excited to ride.

Q: "If you could come back as any one of your horses, which one would you be and why?"

Claire: "Ernie. He's loved by everyone.

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