Cormac Hanley

Q: "If you had to be a professional athlete in another sport what would it be and why?"

Cormac: "It would probably have to be rugby because would you believe when I was younger I was actually pretty good at it. I was selected and played in an Academy for a professional club from when I was 12 to 16 before I made the decision to follow the horses full-time.

Q: "What is your favorite horse show of all time?"

Cormac: "CSIO5* Dublin. It’s by far the biggest horse show in Ireland and one that every Irish rider weather your based at home or abroad aim for every year

Q: "If you could win any Grand Prix in the world which one would you win? "

Cormac: "Definitely Dublin Grand Prix. I think its something every Irish rider dreams about.

Q: "How many horses do you typically ride per day?"

Cormac: "Anywhere between 6-10 all depending on if clients are here to ride their own horses etc

Q: "What are your interests outside horses?"

Cormac: "Most interests I have involve horses in some way whether it be watching live-streams from other shows around the world or doing research on horses that I see that I like. But I actually play a lot of soccer and am part of a league with a bunch of Irish riders that plays through the winter down here in Florida. 

Q: "If you had to have a regular person job what would you do?"

Cormac: "I’d probably be an architect as when I was in high school I got a place in University college Dublin to study it, but I deferred it for a year to try the horses professionally and never looked back. 

Q: "If you could pick a walk up song to play as you enter the GP ring, which song would it be?"

Cormac: "I think as an Irish man it would have to be “shipping up to Boston” because it just gets my blood going and makes me feel like I can do anything.

Q: "In a movie about your life, who would play you?"

Cormac: "Liam Hemsworth because he has dark hair and blue eyes like me plus I’ve herd the ladies love him lol

Q: "What accomplishments are you most proud of?"

Cormac: "Probably winning a gold medal at the European championships at underage level. Being the youngest rider to ever complete at the Dublin horseshow. Also being placed in my first 5* GP last year. 

Q: "If you could trade lives for the day with anyone else in the PonyClub, who would it be and why? "

Cormac: "I’m actually really happy with how my life and career is going at the moment but if I had to trade with any one it would probably have to be Eugenio. He’s a great rider, has amazing horses and a beautiful farm not to mention he is trained by an Irish legend in Eddy Macken and is overall just a stand up guy 

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