Feature Spotlight: To-Dos

Rethink Your Scheduling

PonyApp Premium:

Rethink Your Scheduling

Create “To-Dos” to schedule all routine activities, appointments, and exercises for your team. Unlike the traditional barn whiteboard, your details won’t get erased at the end of each day! PonyApp automatically stores all data for your future reference.

Step One:

Tap the center menu (+) button


Step Two:

Tap the center menu (+) button and select "To-Do"


Step Three:

Select the horse(s) you want to add the activity to


Step Four:

Assign the Task to any PonyApp User

PonyApp ProTip: You can assign a “to-do” to any PonyApp user. Search our database to find exactly who you are looking for and they will be notified about their new task. 

Step Five:

Select the “To-Do” Activity


Step Six:

Choose from our Activity Menu


Step Seven:

Select a Date and Time for your Future Activity


Step Seven:

Add a Description for your “To-Do", then Save!


PonyApp Premium:

The Pro Whiteboard

Logging “Activities” and assigning “To-Do’s” are best organized with our premium Whiteboard calendar view. Merge your record keeping with your scheduling so no detail is lost!

Premium Feature:

The List View

View all of the upcoming, overdue and completed activities for every horse in your stable. Check off each “To-Do” as it is completed! 

Premium Feature:

The Calendar View

All “To-Do’s” and “Activities” can also be seen in the calendar view. “To-Do’s" that have been check-off will automatically present as completed “Activities”!

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