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How to Add Documents to a Horse Profile

Feature Spotlight:

Add Documents and Photos to Horse Profiles

Your PonyApp profile is the perfect place to store important photos and documents. From passport photos, to health certificates, coggins, and more, save photos and documents to each horse's profile and get organized. 

Step One:

Select "My Stable" from the navigation bar


Step Two:

Select the horse(s) you want to add the activity to


Step Three:

Tap the (+) button in the upper right corner


Step Four:

You can either take a picture of the document or upload a photo from your gallery.


Step Five:

Select the photo you'd like to add to the gallery


Step Six:

Click the back button to navigate back to your gallery


Step Seven:

Refer back to your horse's photo gallery whenever you need to access the photo or document.


PonyApp Premium:

Exporting from Gallery

Need to forward a photo or document to someone? Upgrade to PonyApp Premium for the ability to export anything from your gallery to the show office, your vet or anyone who needs a copy!

Premium Feature:

Exporting Documents

Click the export button to forward the image via text or email.

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