Lucy Deslauriers

Lucy Deslauriers PonyApp U25 Ambassador
Lucy Deslauriers PonyApp U25 Ambassador
Lucy Deslauriers PonyApp U25 Ambassador
Lucy Deslauriers PonyApp U25 Ambassador
Q: "If you had to be a professional athlete in another sport what would it be and why?"

Lucy: "
If I was a professional athlete in another sport, it would probably be tennis or basketball. I used to play a lot of basketball when I was younger and my family and I have always been huge New York Knicks fans. I also still play tennis as much as I can in my free time, especially in the summer, and have always loved the sport. ”

Q: "What is your favorite horse show of all time?"

Lucy: "My favorite horse show would probably be the Dublin Horse Show. I had the opportunity to show there this past summer and it was such an honor (AND SO MUCH FUN) to compete in the Aga Khan Cup on the U.S. team. ”

Q: "If you could win any Grand Prix in the world which one would you win? "

Lucy: "AACHEN.”

Q: "Tell us more about your top horse."

Lucy: "
My top horse is named Hester. He is a 13yo Belgian Warmblood that I have had for 5 years now. Not only is he such a reliable, brave horse with a huge heart, but Hester is also so playful and loving in the barn…as long as you spoil him properly. He has taken me across the world to venues I grew up dreaming about competing at and I just feel so grateful to have him. ”

Q: "If you got injured for a season and had to have a top rider campaign your horses, who would you trust? "

Lucy: "If I got injured for a season and had to have a top rider campaign my horses, my father, Mario Deslauriers, would definitely be the first person to ride them. If I had another pick though, I think it would be so cool to see Mclain or Beezie ride my horses, especially Hester.”

Q: "How do you stay in shape for the show ring?"

Lucy: "I have always been very active and involved in a lot of sports and various workouts. Most recently though, I have been doing a lot of barre, pilates-type, and hot yoga classes. Pure Barre, SLT, and CorePowerYoga sculpt classes are some of my favorites. Additionally, I workout with a personal trainer when I am home in New York and we do a lot of interval training and boxing. I believe that staying in shape for the show ring also has a huge mental component, so I try to work on staying relaxed and focused by listening to podcasts and reading books. I am inspired day-to-day by top athletes in other sports so I particularly enjoy reading or listening to content about/by them.”

Q: "If you had to have a regular person job what would you do?"

Lucy: "Possibly a job in the healthcare industry. I also care a lot about the environment and social inequality, so maybe something related to those fields. But also horses :) ”

Q: "If you could pick a walk up song to play as you enter the GP ring, which song would it be?"

Lucy: "Nonstop by Drake”

Q: "What are you terrible at but love to do anyway?"

Lucy: "Singing.”

Q: "What do you want to be known for? "

Lucy: "Working hard, humility, treating others well, authenticity”

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