Butterfly Tibri Z

Lindsay Douglass initially imported from Germany to California 7 years ago when Butterfly was only 7 years old! Since then they've competed all around the world and recently placed top 5 in their first 4* Grand Prix at the Hampton CLassic! We spoke with Lindsay about some of Butterfly's best qualities.

Q:"What's Butterfly's weirdest quirk?"


Lindsay: "Butterfly is so itchy and is always rubbing her butt on stuff. People think she's weird."

Q:"What's the best round you ever had on Butterfly?"


Lindsay: "My best round was definitely the Hampton Classic Grand Prix. It was the best feeling in the world"

Q:"What's the best thing about the horse world?"


Lindsay: "I don't know a group of people as passionate as the horse world. We're obsessed and it gives meaning to our whole life"

Q:"What's the worst thing about the horse world?"


Lindsay: "It's that there's such a divide between the top of the sport and the millions of horse lovers around the world. I think we would have a stronger community if we all worked together. "

Q:"What's your favorite PonyApp feautre?"


Lindsay: "I love the logging activity feature. I never forget when Butterfly needs her vaccinations. I don't even know what I did before I had PonyApp"

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