What is Showjumping?

The incredible physical capabilities of the horse were first recognised in the eighteenth century when riders had to jump fences in order to find the shortest routes for their journeys. The agility and ability of the horse soon became clear and a new and exciting form of horsemanship was created - showjumping. Showjumping tests the accuracy and athletic ability of both horse and rider. Competitions take place indoors and outdoors and the sport is enjoyed all year round. Whether you are directly involved with the action or just close to it, showjumping is an exhilarating and exciting sport. There are a number of different heights at which horse and rider compete at, ranging from 70cm through to 1.60m. No matter what the height, the key to winning is all about jumping the fences in a particular sequence whilst leaving them all up. The horse and rider that goes clear in the fastest time is then the winner! The sport's official website can be found here.

Q: "What's your favorite PonyApp feature?"

Eugenio: "I love how you can change your horse's cute little avatar picture”

Q: "What's the best thing about the horse world?"

Eugenio: "I love how it's 99% women.”

Q: "What should the top federations do to ensure the health of equestrian sports in the future?"

Eugenio: "I think they need to make a show circuit for lower level riders”

Q: "What are your goals for 2019?"

Eugenio: "I want to win a 5 star grand prix”

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