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Smart, Assertive, Composed – A Chat with Quinta 106

Quinta 106, owned by Swede Ventures LLC and ridden by Peter Lutz, may be a horse you’ve seen a time or two! The most recent winner of the $25,000 CP National Grand Prix at WEF and many great results with her two previous riders, Mclain Ward and Mattias Tromp, she knows a lot about success and what it takes to be the best! We love a lady who knows her stuff. Take a look at what makes Quinta so special and what products she swears by to stay on top!

Quinta 106 & Peter Lutz © Sportfot

From the Horse’s Mouth: Questions for Quinta 106
If Quinta 106 could talk, what would the accomplished show jumper have to say? (or should we say, “neigh”).

When you’re not in the ring, what is your favorite pastime?

I love my turnout time. I really relax when I’m outside and wind down after I’m ridden. I would be in the paddock all day if they let me.

Who is your best friend (horse/dog?)?

I tend to bond with whichever horse is in the stall next to mine, especially when I’m at a show. I’m very vocal about saying hello. I guess you could say I’m good at making new friends!

What is your favorite at-home treatment?

I behave perfectly for all my therapy treatments because I think they feel fantastic. I use the spa, which keeps icy cold water on my legs after a hard workout. And I usually fall asleep when they use the ultrasound machine on my neck and my legs.

What product/products do you swear by?

Whenever I have a hard day of jumping, I have to have Epsom salt poultice in my feet. The grooms pack my feet overnight with the poultice which keeps me from feeling sore, so the next day I’m good to go! And I’m a big fan of my fly sheet and fly mask so I can have maximum turnout time.

If you were stranded on a deserted island what three items are a must?

I think I would love to live on an island. Think of how much turnout I would have. Can I take a groom? They make sure I get fed, and food is my priority. So I would definitely take my groom, as many bags of sweet feed as they can carry, and then we can both use Espree Aloe Herbal Horse Spray — its a fly spray with sun protection!

Describe yourself in three words:

Smart, Assertive, Composed

Peter & Quinta winning the $25,000 CP National Grand Prix! © Sportfot

Most exciting memory?

I went to a show called Live Oak International and I thought it was pretty exciting. Everywhere I looked there were horses pulling people around on carriages. (I don’t know what those horses were thinking. I make my people pull me around in a trailer.) I got to jump there too and that was fun. But honestly, the most exciting part for me was the huge open spaces with grass as far as the eye could see!

What are your favorite treats?

German minty muffins! Or anything with molasses. I like carrots but always go for a sugary treat first.

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